Songs Featured in Mobile Strike Mobile Game Commercials

Mobile Strike Game is a very intriguing and exciting action game. It is unique as it allows you to create an army base and train the soldiers to fight against the enemies. You are basically an army general. The game has incorporated assault vehicles, sophisticated weapons and command powerful elite troops and all you need is a tactical mind and proper online hacks like Mobile Strike gold & VIP generator to beat your enemies from all over the world.

This game has invested a lot into its commercials with Arnold Schwarzenegger featuring in the second trailer. Its commercials are quite interesting and will surely get you to play the game. They are made in an active mood and the dominantly featured song is: In the Hall of Mountain King by Edvard Grieg. The whole theme and the music bring out the action packed feeling of the game which will leave you eager to play it. This song was definitely the most ideal for this game. It comes second after an exciting mood has been created and adds the thrill and the war aspect of the game.

The other song that is featured in the Mobile Strike commercial is Dies Irae from Verdi’s Requiem. This is the exciting song that features in the first few seconds of the advertisement. It totally grabs your attention. This song is common in many action movies and trailers and it will surely be familiar to you. By the time you are done figuring out which song it is, the second song comes in and brings out the war in the game.

The second trailer that features Schwarzenegger is quite a killer. The team behind this commercial used amazing post-production techniques to make it stand out. They really went to great lengths to see the advert through. In addition, Ji Yong Kim played the customized piano in a stunning way that brings suspense.

The graphics, the music, the sounds and the action in these Mobile Strike commercials are perfectly done and they will always persuade you to take out your phone, download the game and play. The game will be fun and entertainment you just need to watch out for addiction.