The History of the Piano

modern-piano-for-your-interior-design-1A piano is a keyboard-based instrument that has consistently been popular throughout the years. It is used in a variety of settings, such as jazz and classical solo performances as well as being included in ensemble use in chamber music.

A piano has a wooden case built around metal strings and a soundboard. The keyboard is comprised of black and white keys. The player uses these keys to make sound. When a key is pressed down, the strings are tapped with a padded mallet to make a sound. The strings are sounded when pressed down and silenced when released. With the use of petals at the bottom of the piano, it is possible to sustain a note. Continue reading The History of the Piano

Elizabeth Falconer and Her Albums

Elizabeth Falconer is an American master of the Koto, a Japanese traditional zither about six feet in length with thirteen silk strings which is Japan’s national musical instrument as well. Falconer was born in July 20, 1956 and she started playing the koto in 1979. She is licensed particularly in two Japan koto schools. She got her associate degree (junshihan) from Seiha Koto School where she studied under Nagane Utayumi. Her school focused on classical works specifically. Continue reading Elizabeth Falconer and Her Albums