Clash Royale is the latest in the lineup of Super Addictive Mobile Games

Clash Royale has so much in similarity to Clash of Clans, another popular game made by Supercell. The graphics look the same and even there are all the same troops and units you saw in the original game. Is this just a quick and cheap knock off? Far from it. Clash Royale, even though it has the looks of its predecessor, is a completely different spin to it and it provides fantastic gameplay value for any mobile games into action packed strategy.

To win in Clash Royale, you need to manage your elixir points carefully. You can think of Elixir Points as every increasing pot of resources you can use to summon your troops, spells and buildings. All players start off with same amount of elixir points at the beginning of the battle. Once the fight begins, it’s up to each players to spend and manage this precious resource. The biggest sin is to waste the elixir points and have them sit around so make sure to spend it appropriately.

This does not mean that you should haphazardly use the elixir whenever and wherever. It is critical to use the right combination of cards, reacting to the moves of your opponents. Clash Royale is really all about reading and countering your enemy’s moves. For instance, Prince is a high damaging unit with high hit points, known to wreak havoc on the battlefields, sometimes single-handedly. However, because Knights are weak against swarming units like Skeleton Army, you need to protect them with the right supporting units like Goblin Spearmen.

Getting key resources like gems and gold are also critical to your survival. Gems can be gotten from chests and meeting achievement goals. It can be notoriously hard to accumulate because of how hard they are to farm. Clash Royale hack is something that many cheaters have opted to use to gain advantage and it’s becoming more popular everyday due to its effectiveness and ease of use.

Game of Clash Royale is designed to be played over and over. With hundreds of combinations you can have in your deck, no two battles are alike. It’s an exciting mobile game that features card collecting and strategic battle maneuvers that are fit for the generals.