Amazon Gift Ideas for Musicians

Whether you have a friend who is a guitarist, keyboardist, DJ, pianist, and whatnot, Amazon is a great place to find gifts for them. Amazon has these gift ideas arranged in category. Some companies on social  media randomly hosts free Amazon gift card giveaways so it’s worth checking them out once in a while. Red Cross also gives out free $5 Amazon gift card for donating blood.

Here are some examples:

1. Ableton Push + Live 9 Intro Pack

You may connect the Ableton Push to any USB device and what you could do is endless. It has pre-existing samples, awesome controls, and color-coded buttons. Basically, this is a tool to follow your favorite composer out there.

2. Tronical Robot Tuner

Be a rockstar that you are with this device. All you need to do is just like the usual. Attach it to the guitar’s headstock and knobs for tuning. It would then tune your guitar automatically and even re-tuning to alternate tunes is possible. All you need is to press a button. Essentially, this makes your work easier. This one is good for a beginner guitarist.

3. IK Multimedia iLoud

Experience wonders with this powerful portable amplifier. It is an amplifier and a Bluetooth speaker in one. It could reach very high volumes enough for that band practice you need. It is compatible to different audio devices as well as guitars. It could easily be transported with a backpack and even has a rechargeable battery. It could even be linked to your smartphone using an app.

4. Displays2go iPad Mic Stand with Boom Arm

Since the iPad is becoming very instrumental now as a replacement to paper sheet music, having this mic stand with boom arm is definitely a good buy. Lock and load your music to your iPad and use this stand with ease for your performances.

5. IK Multimedia iRig PRO

Using an iOS device, have a professional-level kind of recording in an instant. Connect simple microphones, pro condenser mics, keyboards, basses, guitars, or MIDI controllers to any Apple device for recording. This is a recording accessory so flexible that has a clean sound and an input gain control for its preamp which is quiet.

A lot more gift ideas are all over Amazon. Just check them and get the best deals for your musician friends or loved ones.