5 Rare Characters for Crossy Road That Makes Us Sing

For Crossy Road Korean update, there are characters that may only be available for such. You’ll never miss these out because they are indeed very Korean in nature. These are good additions to all new Disney characters that are getting more popular. Disney Crossy Road cheats is the best way to unlock the new secret characters and generate unlimited coins. Among them are as follows:

Pro Gamer

This mascot holds a tiny tablet. He has black hair and wears a jacket with orange, blue, and white colors. This same jacket has a “C” embedded on its back. His pants are blue and white and he wears gray shoes. While this mascot is used, you may hear a Korean commentator in the game. You may notice pink creatures passing quickly and randomly and these are the obstacles. There is also a counter for actions per minute which you may see below the score. A background noise of cheering audiences may also be heard.

Sometimes, when the player is dead, the commentator will blurt out “GG” which is a term for “Good Game”. The Pro Gamer mascot looks like a Zergling, which is the attack unit of Zergs in Starcraft, which is very popular in Korea.


This mascot has black hair, and wears black glasses. He is wearing a white undershirt, light blue shirt, black pants, black tuxedo, white socks, and gray shoes. This mascot unlocks Dance mode, and it is very much unique only for Psy. This mode has unique score counting and theme. In dance mode, the player has to follow a black dance floor while going through a terrain. This black dance floor lights up when being stepped on.

Such mode produces music and colorful lights. The mascot does his own dance moves as well while blurting out “Oh yeah!” or “Let’s go!” Even skyscrapers, fans, paparazzi, and random explosions occur once this mascot is used. When he dies, you will hear a “Game Over” recorded by none other than Psy. You will also notice the game logo changing to a Korean logo.

Seoul Chicken

This mascot is also known as the Korean Chicken. Basically, it is like the Chicken mascot, only that it wears traditional Korean clothes. It has an orange beak and white feathers underneath the clothing. When this mascot is used, Korean obstacles appear in the game. This mascot also bows, like how a traditional Korean bow looks. Like Psy, the game’s logo changes to a Korean version when used.


Jindo is basically a Korean dog with gray and white fur. It has brown eyes, nose, and a noticeably pink tongue. The terrain is the Korean setting, where there are Korean vehicles and obstacles. It makes barking sounds. Again, the game logo changes to a Korean version when this mascot is used.


This mascot is a humanoid wearing Traditional Korean men’s outfit. It wears black shoes, black hat, and a blue garb. The terrain is Korean too with skyscrapers. Obstacles include Korean cars. Whenever the player moves, white papers and purple books would be left behind. Even in death, the player will see books and papers all over the screen.