My 4 Favorite Games for Musicians on iPhones and iPads

There is no denying that since the advent of mobile apps as brilliant methods to help alleviate myriad problems in the society, the typical features these things has greatly improved. Nowadays we have multitudes of apps out there in the market and with as much functionality.

iOS users and music enthusiasts have immensely benefited from the development of such applications. Additionally such apps have made life easier by bringing splendid features right at the palm of our hands. We have also seen notable upswing in app functionality.

1. Skillz App

This app has a supreme track selection from well-known music genres such as hip-hop that have all been remixed to work seamlessly with the turntable scratching, one shot sfx as well as fading. The timing is ideal for note detection, game center achievements, and even directional scratching. What will particularly impress users of this app is the seamless GUI that allows for ease of manipulation of the myriad functionalities of this brilliant app.

2. Rock Band Reloaded

This game is mainly optimized for the Ipad and enables users to play an extended list of tracks that are easy to recognize. Aside from that, this rock band series is ultra cool in that you can also choose from a plethora of musical equipment including drums, bass, guitars or even vocals.


In fact, this app allows for pre-installed vocals to be played via touch or by singing the lyrics in real-time as the characters go across the screen. This sort of functionality makes the app both fun to use since it provides myriad ways to play. Moreover, the app has a variety of orientation styles available to you so you can play in your comfortable setting.

3. Groove Coaster

This is a genuine and groundbreaking rhythm altering game for Ios devices. It involves users moving through classic 8-bit 3d graphics environments that require you to calibrate as well as recognize notes from varying camera angles as you go through a roller coaster type ride through each rhythm. Additionally, there is a host of tracks that are customized by the app`s developers that sound impressive therefore making the game more enjoyable. Users can also personalize the cursor that runs throughout the track to access power-ups and hidden notes.

4. Aero Synth

This Aero synth app is the ideal solution for those who wish to access the capabilities of killer Deejay skills. Users can just tap along as the electronic music plays to keeping increasing in levels. However, if you miss one of the bubbles in the four streams, the music goes back to the intro level until you get back on track again.

Overall, taken together, iOs apps have in recent times become brilliant platforms for enjoying the realms of the rhythm and music worlds. What’s more remarkable is that the apps are easily available and have exclusive features sets meant to enhance overall user experience. Armed with such brilliant tools, your handheld device is instantly converted into the ultimate media center.