SmallWorlds Free Gold for New Players In Action

SmallWorlds forum is a good community to get the latest tips for the game. One of the best features of using forums like this is when players give up on the game, they let other players have accounts on a giveaway. You can also find SmallWorlds accounts for sale and this is a great way to get legs up on other players.

Some players also give away free gold to new players to help them out. Because gold generators tend to be unreliable, the better method is by removing the age limit. This way, you can get all the gold you need to further your gameplay agenda. New outfits come out everyday and it costs a lot of gold to unlock such accounts and items.

Gold cheats is certainly gaining a lot of popularity in 2017 and players are feeling the affect of golds being flooded in SmallWorlds. Without bunny ears and bullying, best mottos is sure fire way to get the job done in SmallWorlds gold collection.

Sims Freeplay Musical Expression Hobby is Joyful

People have a lot of hobby, physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. The Musical Expression Hobby of Sims Free play is another hobby to be gained, it still is a very time limited hobby and surely it will test your patience.

By unlocking it within 7 days using Sims Freeplay Unlimited Money Hack from pages like this you will be able to play the infant bouncer but it won’t be easy, you’ll see. The musicians in this games are the babies, completing the hobby one at a time with 3 babies. Do you want to be the musician yourself?

Well you can play as the musician if you complete the Nanny Knows Best quest and then you purchase the xylophone from the promotions, once purchased the item will directly be seen in your career and hobby tab and you will then be able to place it in your house. There are a lot of musical expression levels in this game and these are the 1. Atonal, 2. Musical Virtuoso 3. Melody Marker, 4. Big Keeper, 5. Big Hitter, and the 6. Performer.

Because this is a game their could be something for you if you win, by completing the collections six or more times you will be awarded with the different baby outfits which are incredibly both for male and female babies. The infant bouncer is found in the infant section which causes more like $4000 for this t be enabled an adult must out the baby to the bouncer and then the baby bounces for 1 to 15minutes more or less.

There are instances that the it lacks time, you can still unlock the play mat eventually when you competed the collection. The bouncer causes $5500. options are available when playing, playing with the toys for 10 minutes can enable the parent to join in playing. Every time a collection is finished you can always click “start new collection” and start over. Every game needs patience and persistence every time we play, the most important aspect is we enjoy what we are doing and what we are playing with.

Songs Featured in Mobile Strike Mobile Game Commercials

Mobile Strike Game is a very intriguing and exciting action game. It is unique as it allows you to create an army base and train the soldiers to fight against the enemies. You are basically an army general. The game has incorporated assault vehicles, sophisticated weapons and command powerful elite troops and all you need is a tactical mind and proper online hacks like Mobile Strike gold & VIP generator to beat your enemies from all over the world.

This game has invested a lot into its commercials with Arnold Schwarzenegger featuring in the second trailer. Its commercials are quite interesting and will surely get you to play the game. They are made in an active mood and the dominantly featured song is: In the Hall of Mountain King by Edvard Grieg. The whole theme and the music bring out the action packed feeling of the game which will leave you eager to play it. This song was definitely the most ideal for this game. It comes second after an exciting mood has been created and adds the thrill and the war aspect of the game.

The other song that is featured in the Mobile Strike commercial is Dies Irae from Verdi’s Requiem. This is the exciting song that features in the first few seconds of the advertisement. It totally grabs your attention. This song is common in many action movies and trailers and it will surely be familiar to you. By the time you are done figuring out which song it is, the second song comes in and brings out the war in the game.

The second trailer that features Schwarzenegger is quite a killer. The team behind this commercial used amazing post-production techniques to make it stand out. They really went to great lengths to see the advert through. In addition, Ji Yong Kim played the customized piano in a stunning way that brings suspense.

The graphics, the music, the sounds and the action in these Mobile Strike commercials are perfectly done and they will always persuade you to take out your phone, download the game and play. The game will be fun and entertainment you just need to watch out for addiction.

5 Rare Characters for Crossy Road That Makes Us Sing

For Crossy Road Korean update, there are characters that may only be available for such. You’ll never miss these out because they are indeed very Korean in nature. These are good additions to all new Disney characters that are getting more popular. Disney Crossy Road cheats is the best way to unlock the new secret characters and generate unlimited coins. Among them are as follows:

Pro Gamer

This mascot holds a tiny tablet. He has black hair and wears a jacket with orange, blue, and white colors. This same jacket has a “C” embedded on its back. His pants are blue and white and he wears gray shoes. While this mascot is used, you may hear a Korean commentator in the game. You may notice pink creatures passing quickly and randomly and these are the obstacles. There is also a counter for actions per minute which you may see below the score. A background noise of cheering audiences may also be heard.

Sometimes, when the player is dead, the commentator will blurt out “GG” which is a term for “Good Game”. The Pro Gamer mascot looks like a Zergling, which is the attack unit of Zergs in Starcraft, which is very popular in Korea.


This mascot has black hair, and wears black glasses. He is wearing a white undershirt, light blue shirt, black pants, black tuxedo, white socks, and gray shoes. This mascot unlocks Dance mode, and it is very much unique only for Psy. This mode has unique score counting and theme. In dance mode, the player has to follow a black dance floor while going through a terrain. This black dance floor lights up when being stepped on.

Such mode produces music and colorful lights. The mascot does his own dance moves as well while blurting out “Oh yeah!” or “Let’s go!” Even skyscrapers, fans, paparazzi, and random explosions occur once this mascot is used. When he dies, you will hear a “Game Over” recorded by none other than Psy. You will also notice the game logo changing to a Korean logo.

Seoul Chicken

This mascot is also known as the Korean Chicken. Basically, it is like the Chicken mascot, only that it wears traditional Korean clothes. It has an orange beak and white feathers underneath the clothing. When this mascot is used, Korean obstacles appear in the game. This mascot also bows, like how a traditional Korean bow looks. Like Psy, the game’s logo changes to a Korean version when used.


Jindo is basically a Korean dog with gray and white fur. It has brown eyes, nose, and a noticeably pink tongue. The terrain is the Korean setting, where there are Korean vehicles and obstacles. It makes barking sounds. Again, the game logo changes to a Korean version when this mascot is used.


This mascot is a humanoid wearing Traditional Korean men’s outfit. It wears black shoes, black hat, and a blue garb. The terrain is Korean too with skyscrapers. Obstacles include Korean cars. Whenever the player moves, white papers and purple books would be left behind. Even in death, the player will see books and papers all over the screen.

Clash Royale is the latest in the lineup of Super Addictive Mobile Games

Clash Royale has so much in similarity to Clash of Clans, another popular game made by Supercell. The graphics look the same and even there are all the same troops and units you saw in the original game. Is this just a quick and cheap knock off? Far from it. Clash Royale, even though it has the looks of its predecessor, is a completely different spin to it and it provides fantastic gameplay value for any mobile games into action packed strategy.

To win in Clash Royale, you need to manage your elixir points carefully. You can think of Elixir Points as every increasing pot of resources you can use to summon your troops, spells and buildings. All players start off with same amount of elixir points at the beginning of the battle. Once the fight begins, it’s up to each players to spend and manage this precious resource. The biggest sin is to waste the elixir points and have them sit around so make sure to spend it appropriately.

This does not mean that you should haphazardly use the elixir whenever and wherever. It is critical to use the right combination of cards, reacting to the moves of your opponents. Clash Royale is really all about reading and countering your enemy’s moves. For instance, Prince is a high damaging unit with high hit points, known to wreak havoc on the battlefields, sometimes single-handedly. However, because Knights are weak against swarming units like Skeleton Army, you need to protect them with the right supporting units like Goblin Spearmen.

Getting key resources like gems and gold are also critical to your survival. Gems can be gotten from chests and meeting achievement goals. It can be notoriously hard to accumulate because of how hard they are to farm. Clash Royale hack is something that many cheaters have opted to use to gain advantage and it’s becoming more popular everyday due to its effectiveness and ease of use.

Game of Clash Royale is designed to be played over and over. With hundreds of combinations you can have in your deck, no two battles are alike. It’s an exciting mobile game that features card collecting and strategic battle maneuvers that are fit for the generals.

My 4 Favorite Games for Musicians on iPhones and iPads

There is no denying that since the advent of mobile apps as brilliant methods to help alleviate myriad problems in the society, the typical features these things has greatly improved. Nowadays we have multitudes of apps out there in the market and with as much functionality.

iOS users and music enthusiasts have immensely benefited from the development of such applications. Additionally such apps have made life easier by bringing splendid features right at the palm of our hands. We have also seen notable upswing in app functionality. Continue reading My 4 Favorite Games for Musicians on iPhones and iPads

The Moog Synthesizer

article-2148571-0133A75400001005-538_634x626Robert Moog, a physicist and electrical engineer from New York, was a pioneer in developing electronic musical instruments. One of his most famous creations is the Moog synthesizer, which is an analog modular voltage-controlled synthesizer developed in the mid 1960s.

Moog started to establish his synthesizers after meeting Herbert Deutsch in 1963. Over the course of the next year, he developed a modular voltage-controlled subtractive synthesizer. He demonstrated this synthesizer at an audio engineering conference and immediately received an order for the instrument. Continue reading The Moog Synthesizer